Nerissa Lomeda had already begun to make progress in her career prior to joining the Hornby programme. What the scholarship did was propel her onto even bigger and better things.


She had been working as a division supervisor in Taguig City and Pateros, a small area in the capital region of the Philippines. Here she was responsible for designing programmes and projects for 2,500 teachers and 49 elementary and secondary school principals. She would run training and workshops, and observe the teachers in action at their schools.


Then, between 2009 and 2010, Nerissa completed the MA TESOL at the University of Lancaster. Immediately after returning home following the course, she was invited to join the Ministry of Education’s national programmes committee. Here she is helping to craft the new curriculum that the entire Philippines education system will use, called K+12: Enhanced Basic Education Programme.


In addition, Nerissa is a national Master Trainer on a joint project by the Philippines branch of the British Council and Ministry of Education. This is webinar program aimed at all the public schools in the 17 regions of the country.


That is not all.














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Success stories: Nerissa Roxas Lomeda, Philippines


“I will forever be grateful to A S Hornby Educational Trust for all the dramatic changes

in the most positive ways that I now enjoy”

“My new textbooks in preschool are being widely used in both government and private institutions,” she says. “I am also conducting more training and workshops on English Proficiency and Pedagogy, not only in Taguig City and Pateros but in the different regions in the country.


“I am now part of the SEAMEO Innotech, which gives development courses to teachers, principals and supervisors from the different South East Asian countries,” she adds, explaining how this involves delivering talks on monitoring through classroom observation to head teachers. “The scholarship gave my curriculum vitae more weight that I now cater to a wider range of audiences."


Nerissa is acutely aware of the impact the Hornby Educational Trust has had on her life. “The scholarship has widened my horizon and provided me with more opportunities to be of help to more teachers, and to make me give better quality service to the Philippine educational system,” she says, gratefully. “A hundred white roses to the Trust!”