“I have become a part of the global ELT community. I have friends and contacts in several countries and

closely work with many of them,” he says, explaining how this has contributed to the increasing prominence of English language teaching across India. “ELTAI has now spread to several states; ELT-related activities and groups have come up in many towns, and hundreds of teachers have been initiated into classroom experimentation and research.”


“I am absolutely sure that all of this would not have happened without the year in England,” says Dr Amol. “My study at Leeds University not only gave me exposure to a different culture and educational system, the latest developments in the field and a treasure of world-class resources, but it also enriched my understanding of my own context by offering fresh perspectives on it.


“The experience significantly enhanced my exposure, capacity and understanding, thus helping me take a huge leap forward on my growth trajectory.”

In the 12 years since Dr Amol Padwad completed his Masters in Education TESOL at the University of Leeds

his career has gone from strength to strength.


Prior to studying in England, Dr Amol was an English language and literature teacher at a small college in

central India. Today he still holds the same role, but as he says, “life has not been the same again.” In addition

to his position at the college, Dr Amol is now also the head of his English department, he has spent a term as

the National President of the ELTAI, India’s national teachers association, and he works as an ELT [English

Language Teaching] consultant to state and national bodies.


A great many people have benefited from his knowledge and expertise. He trains other teachers; researches

and writes academic materials; presents to audiences; and manages a number of English language projects,

including a national online community of English teachers.  














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Amol bel

“The Hornby Trust scholarship propelled me faster on the path of scholarship and wisdom”